European Schools Chess Championships 2014

Karthik Saravanan is playing in the European Schools Chess Championships 2014 in Greece. The tournament starts on the 16th June until the 27th June. He is in the U13 section and ranked 48th, some of the players are nearly GMs, so he is in for a ride for sure.

You can follow his progress here: and here for the results:

Remember how Mark Nettleton put him on top board, so he can gain the experience of playing higher quality players, well its all coming together now.


Command What You Have Conquered, My Brother.

Command what you have conquered, my brother.
Charlton Heston – The Ten Commandments 1956


Well so it began, in a little town called Oulton……..

Kamil, this year came off a lot better than last year. This years simul had no defeats and only two draws, young pretender Karthik won Kamils Queen by deflection (mate otherwise) but Kamil had a deadly pawn, which was rampaging down the board. It had brotherly love from the two bishops and the rook, so there would be no victor in this game. Karthiks understanding of the chessboard has grown so much, its seems just so natural, the deflection I did not see, that’s the difference. A good player, a home grown player.

I got in a bit of a tangle after a bishop sacrifice by Kamil on g5, this let in the rabid Rooks and Queen, with no knock out punch in view, it took one more little pawn sac to prise open the defence and hey presto and nice little Royal fork that I could not stop.

Leon had a highly tactical game, in my opinion not his normal or favourite style, but he did really well, securing a wonderful draw after gaining three pieces for his Queen and like Karthiks game an advanced pawn held the day. Is this the Leon that could be such a good player. Am I wrong in thinking if he played this way he would win a lot more games and become a formidable player again? Well played Leon, getting back on the horse!!

Mark Pooley played really well to just be a pawn down, with Bishop v Knight end game, but experience and knowledge came through and Kamil sneaked in the endgame. The difference between Leon and Karthiks game to Marks was the initiative they both had. The pressure they could muster was enough to snatch a draw, without this pressure it is just time before the final curtain drops.

It was the same with Erics game, Eric was just behind, but only a little but in the end it is a gulf. Without the pressure the game has nothing. Eric played the French I think, which gave him comfort. Hope he enjoyed the night as much as the rest of us?

Mark Pulman travelled up from Snape for the game tonight, takes approx 50 mins, so he is rather keen on chess then? He played well, but did seem to be in a bit of a tangle early on. Kamil offering the Greek gift and Mark offering his own. Mark had chances, so he thought, with two passed pawns but the old “give the material back bit” worked for Kamil and the nKamils pawn was walking home and poor Mark couldn’t do much about it.

Young Preethi played really well considering, she played on the quick side but enjoyed herself and hopefully learnt something. Thanks for turning up, you might play for us next season?

Young Keith, all aching bones, still turned up and took a thrashing off Kamil. Nice to see the old timer up at the club. Thanks for the info about the club the other day Keith.

Young Jim was on the bottom board but lasted a lot longer than the rest of us. Gave a good account of himself, piece activity was not on the agenda, if it was he would have been a lot better off. Kamil looked to have won the Queen but played for the bigger fish, which duly happened four moves later.

Big thanks to Kamil for giving the time to do this for the club, much appreciated by all. I feel he learnt from the experience as well. To calculate at speed is a good thing, well if you get it right it is.