Season Starts

Hi All

The Lions (A) got promoted to the first division last year and this season starts with a home game against The Fakenham Gambits on the 20/10/2014. All matches will be difficult this season but we must be confident of winning games and pushing the top teams.

The Guardians (B) first match is away match to the X-Men (C) at Parkhill on the 20/10/2014, this tasty encounter will go a long way in seeing who is the top team in this division.

The X-Men (C) play their first game away to the Norwich Dons Cavaliers on the 6/10/2014. A tough little start for the boys, but I am quietly confident of victory, we have a tough third team, will be hard to beat that’s for sure.

As you can see the 20/10/14 will be a busy evening and we will be using the new room for all games this season. Will be interesting to see what happens!!

The John Barnard Shield

The John Barnard Shield 2014

One tournament shall be a K.O and one match will be played each calendar month on a rolling basis.

It shall start in September and continue until it finishes.

All games are graded

All the games are played under NCCA league rules.

Draw for colours on the night.

In the event of a draw a 15 min quickplay match will take place and the colours reversed. The match has to be completed by the end of the month, so, if you play on the last day of the month, you will have to play the quickplay that evening.

The higher drawn player has to contact the lower drawn player. If higher drawn player does not contact the bottom drawn player he will forfeit the game. Likewise if the lower drawn player does not get back after three (3) attempts at a date by the higher drawn player the higher drawn player wins.

You can contact via the website, email,phone or meet and discuss at the club. Contact me for phone numbers if needed.

First round needs to be completed by Tuesday the 30th of September.

Eric needs to contact Craig, Mark Pooley needs to contact Karthik, James needs to contact Keith and Leon needs to contact Warren. Games need to be completed by 30th September.

Quarter Finals needs to be completed by the Friday 31st October

Semi Final by Mon 30th November

Final by 31st December


New Season 2014-15

A new season is nearly upon us and its time to have a little look about and see what is going on. Firstly, The Ex Servicemans Club has folded and five of the former members ave joined our club, with this we have now three teams in the NCCA. Two teams in Div 2 and one in Div 1. This makes Lowestoft a really strong club now and it only bodes well for the future.

Kamil Przybyla is now ranked in the top 100 players in the ECF. He can only improve with time and now he and Lowestoft are back where they belong this improvement will only be quicker. Kamil100

Karthik Saravanan played in the European Junior Championships in Greece this summer and gained 4/9. It was a wonderful learning experience for the young man and only good can come from this. He will be on board 3 in the 1st team this coming season.

Preethi Saravanan has now joined the club, this young lady is Karthiks sister and she is a mean player and will be playing in the League this season. We have a couple of new lads join the club, one of which has played for Wales and the other a newbie. These young lads will most definitely be playing in the League next season.

Do not forget The Lowestoft Open on the 13-14th of September, the Bury St Edmund Open in October and the Norfolk Championships in October as well.

European Schools Chess Championships 2014

Karthik Saravanan is playing in the European Schools Chess Championships 2014 in Greece. The tournament starts on the 16th June until the 27th June. He is in the U13 section and ranked 48th, some of the players are nearly GMs, so he is in for a ride for sure.

You can follow his progress here: and here for the results:

Remember how Mark Nettleton put him on top board, so he can gain the experience of playing higher quality players, well its all coming together now.