Amazonian Rapidplay Grand Prix 2014

I am organising a 5 tournament Rapidplay Grand Prix at Parkhill Hotel.
Five rounds of ten mins each
7:30 – 7:50
8:00 – 8:20
8:30 – 8:50
9:00 – 9:20
9:30 – 9:50
£1.50 entry fee 10% to club funds. The remainder will be split 60% 20% 10%. This is per tournament not the whole event.
10 pts for winning tournament
8 pts second
6 pts third
4 pts fourth
2 pts fifth
1 pt everyone else.
Points added up over the five tournaments. No date changes. Games will be graded.
Trophy for winner.
Dates are (all Mondays)
May 19 June 16 July 21 Aug 18 Sept 29
Will be played in new room if possible. Again we will allow members from other clubs in to the event. (Craig)
Any questions just ask
Names asap please.

Toto, I’ve Got A Feeling We’re Not In Kansas Anymore.

Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.
Judy Garland – The Wizard of Oz 1939

That’s it my friends, another year of trying to learn how to play this game a little better than the year before, playing for points, playing for glory, playing for yourself, its all the same. Lowestoft A have won the 2nd division title, in the and, at a canter. This was all down to two players in reality, Kamil and Jason, whom without we wouldn’t have stood a chance. We really do need the middle of the road players at our great club to pull their fingers out and try and support these two, if we are to challenge for more silverware next year. This includes myself in that statement, we are not quite there yet, but hopefully we can learn and grasp and push on because this is what it is all about, improving.


Leon finished first on four against young Ryan, the Morra was brought to the board, which Leon and myself always end up playing when we tackle young Mark at the club. We have quite a knowledge bank in this opening and you could tell by how quick Leon was knocking the moves out. Leon gained the extra pawn, after Ryan played h3 to push the Bishop and forced the exchange on f3. The game was still buzzing and I feel Leon could have attacked Ryans Queen and a pawn in a double attack. Not sure if it was on as I was only a bystander. Any the game went to the end and Leon took the draw with the extra pawn on the board, he felt there wasn’t anything in it, end of season stuff I suppose.


Jason completed, what is an amazing season, winning all 18 League games, not sure if that has been done before, one for the record books I would have thought. Karina lost two pawns in the middle game and Jason made the game as clear as mud with e5, possibility of a sacced pawn with monstrous initiative and double attacks all over the shop. Karinas King was a bit weak on the back rank, Jasons Queen eyeing a1 mate. In the end it was all too much for her and on the verge of being mated she resigned. Another bombarding game by Jason, looking forward to next season already.


David and I shook hands for the draw, a squashed position an unmoveable Bishop, potential for an open file, all this and we chickened out again, well I did. Have to remember to get my stupid bishop out and put my pawns on the correct colour next time. This wait and see method is ok but my you can get in a pickle really easy. David played really well and did all the right things. Strange to see his record for this season, shook me a bit.


Kamil was given a bit of a run around by young whipper snapper Ryan Barnes. Ryan had a pawn on the seventh, not sure if it made it to the eighth? Think it did because the Queens were off and Ryan ended up with a duff Bishop, quite like mine. Kamil had two stagnant Knights, but with time became two beautiful swans, wandering around the boards gobbling up pawns at will. Ryan ran short of time and this caused him to make some rash moves but Kamil controlled the game supremely well. It isn’t easy at times and you have to wait and wait and it all will come to you.


Well there we have it then, a nice 3-1 win and 55 points from 72, not bad at all. Another big thanks to all the players that have played for the team this season. Proud to lead the team, we achieved what we set out to do and more. Next season can not come quick enough now.

Made It, Ma! Top Of The World!

Made it, Ma! Top of the world!
James Cagney – White Heat 1949

A great night for Lowestoft Chess Club another step on the road to the Division One title that we crave for. An excellent all round polished performance by the team from Mark on four up to Kamil on one. Its nice to say Lowestoft Chess Club Williamson Plate Winners 2014 but that’s what we are, just that.


Kamil played David off the board last night, Kamil didn’t let go as soon as he got a hold, better piece activate, better pawn structure, control of the centre. When the pawns started falling it was over. Well played Kamil a polished performance.


Jason played just as well as Kamil, Brian dropped an early pawn for no compensation. It was still hard work for Jason to convert, Brian did play well trying really hard to gain the initiative, but like Kamil on one, Jason didn’t let go and after gaining the exchange, rook for bishop, he manoeuvred the heavy artillery in to position for the kill and that was enough.


I played Trevor on three and what a tussle this was, I gained quite a lot of space on the queenside. Trevor had the attack on the kingside and with a wrong exchange on my part caused me to lose a pawn and this in turn released Trevor dormant Bishop and gave an entry point for his pieces, which in turn, wrecked havoc and won the game. On a personal note, I feel that I can live with this guys now, just need a little more savvy and I might, I stress, might, make it to a 160+ one day.


Mark Pooley drew his game against John on four quite quickly. Nobody seemed to what to push and quickly finished. Maybe John had the same orders Mark had, draw or else! Mark has played well in this competition for Lowestoft and has been a great asset to the team. Cheers Mark.


Would like to thank Leon for his contribution to the team in this tournament and it was brave and unselfish decision to drop himself for the final.

Show Me The Money!”

Show me the money.
Tom Cruise – Jerry Maguire 1996

The Division title was won last night the moment Nigel shook hands with Kamil, excellent game it was to, I, along with Nigel no doubt thought he was winning, then a blinding move by Kamil knocked that notion in to touch. Knight blocks check and also defends Rook erh!! Well done to Nigel for giving Kamil a good game but an even bigger well done to Kamil for all he has done for the team this season, much appreciated by the captain.


Jason won a piece against Cumpton on the kingside quite early on and from then on in it was trade off and win with extra piece. Can not say too much about the game really, quite stale and static really, Jason just did enough to cruise to victory. Would like to say a big thanks from me to you Jason for all you have done this season, one more game for a full house and it will round off a wonderful season for you. Proud of you and really looking forward to next season already.


I played young Richard, maybe, only for the second time, not sure but I think it is. The game was my new self belief game plan. All went go plan with me creating many targets and slowly mopped them up, admittedly Richard blundered a piece away at the end, but felt I was winning easily before that happened. Richard had an awful bishop that went to an awful square. In the end a rampant a pawn stormed home and was crowned and that was enough for Richard. Thanks for the game Richard and sorry for jumping up and down like a yo-yo.


Leon locked horns with BC and the game was highly elusive, with no one really pushing forward and making the play. Poor Leon lost a rook and looked lost but some how managed to salvage a draw through repetition. Though in analysis it seems that Brian missed a win, slap on wrists. Would like to thank Leon for his devotion to the cause, no moaning, supplying transport at a drop of a hat, standing in for players who can not make the game.  Clubs need players like Leon just to make it tick, would like to thank you Leon for a great season, not maybe your best, but a great season all the same.